Fabiola Al-Ibrahim, named after the flower ‘Queen Fabiola’ was born in Brooklyn, NY on 1993. Her father Dr. Farouk Al-Ibrahim was a professor at Columbia University, a well known business man in NYC, an active member of the United Nations, and a romantic husband to her mother, Dr. Rania Ugielie. Dr. Ugielie was a dentist at the United Nations Plaza Dental.

At the age of 10, Fabiola’s father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away May, 2003. Her mother immediately decided to move to Syria to raise Fabiola in a cultural environment. Within the first few months she learned how to read, write and fluently speak the Arabic language.
Syria, a country full of diversity, allowed her to experience a plethora of religions and cultures. Fabiola has a diverse group of strong friendships with a variety of nationallities. She was recognized for being social and kind to everyone she came across. Fabiola learned French and Armenian from friends and neighbors. At the age of 14, she started a band with local Armenian girls. She joined basketball and swimming teams for Itihad in Aleppo and Barada Club in Damascus, and she enjoyed horseback riding at the Basel Club. Fabiola joined non-government organizations (NGO’s) in Syria, participating in health and environmental activities such as tree-planting campaigns to promote environmental awareness in society, and reinforce the idea of sharing our planet. She worked with vulnerable children by drawing, entertaining, playing games, and distributing gifts.
Fabiola’s main inspiration is her mother Dr. Rania Ugielie, who taught her to speak eloquently, value education, show compassion, and to respect herself and others.
She was given the freedom to make her own choices, while being provided the love and support needed to follow her dreams. Fabiola learned from her mother how to be an outstanding citizen and a morally upright hard worker. And, most importantly, how to walk through life, strong and confident, through any situation.
Dr. Ugielie was involved with the European Union, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), served as the Director of Hospitals in the Syrian Ministry of Health, and earned her Masters in Health System Management from Liverpool, England. As a result, Fabiola had the opportunity to attend different schools in different cities, which created a large diversity of connections throughout Syria and Europe. She enjoyed visiting villages and historical sites, while wandering the oldest streets to meet locals and hear their stories.
Fabiola was eager to move to the United States to earn her medical degree, so that she could help improve the medical advancement in Syria. Her mother fully supported this decision, and moved with her. Once again, she proved to Fabiola that learning is endless, and earned a Masters in Health Administration from Phoenix University. Fabiola studied Pre-Med Biology at West Virginia University, is working as a research scientist on a bioengineering project, and volunteered her time to charitable organizations, ranging from serving the less fortunate in the community to teaching children of different cultures the Arabic language on Sundays. With the time she has devoted to the Ruby Memorial hospital, she helped entertain children with cancer and decided to specialize in pediatric oncology. Her goal is to design and build a free children’s hospital, where experts from around the world will volunteer to aid suffering children.
Fabiola’s passion is expressing the images in her mind on canvas. She believes every existence has its own form of art. She takes photographs of people in natural motion, architecture, and natural landscapes. She is also a musician who enjoys playing violin, guitar, and various handmade instruments.
Fabiola’s platform as Miss Arab USA 2015 is providing aid to refugees within the US and around the globe, as well as uplifting the children’s hearts. In addition to humanitarian aid, she will provide enrichment classes in art and music, as it is therapeutic. Fabiola will be presenting Arab women as should be presented; intelligent, elegant and powerful.
"I will inspire, as I am inspired"
-Fabiola Al-Ibrahim